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Carmina Burana - Carl Orff

Städische Musikgesellschaft Eschweiler
Conductor: Jeremy Hulin

Soprano: Sophie Collin 
Counter tenor: Nima Pournaghsband
Bariton: Kyle Bejnerowicz


13 August - Eschweiler 

19 August - Alsdorf Kraftzentral


Brussels Operette Theater

Recitals on the 24th of August at 2:30 at 8pm

Singer: Sophie Collin

Pianist: Lochlan Brown

Bravo Bravissimo, Rossini

Arias, duets, terzetts and ensemble by Rossini

Company: Opera Viva Festival

Two shows on the 18th of November, in Woerden 

One show on the 21st, in Amsterdam

Christmas concert

Christmas with the Diamond Baritones and Friends

Thursday, December 21, 2023

8:00 PM  

Lutherse KerkHondstraat, Maastricht

Johannes Passion - J.S BACH

Städische Musikgesellschaft Eschweiler
Conductor: Jeremy Hulin


Evangelist: Pascal Franssen 

Jesus: Kyle Bejnerowicz
Soprano solo: Sophie Collin 

Alto solo: Nima Pournaghsband

Tenor solo: Kilian Staudt

Bass solo: Götz Seiz


16th & 17th March 2024

Pomme d'Api - J. Offenbach

Archipel Lyrique 
Stage director: Françoise Viatour 

Pianist: Arthur Burmistrov

Catherine: Sophie Collin

Rabastens: Renaud Flagothier 

Gustave: Dean Parker

1st June 2024

Salle des combattants, Louveigné

Cosi - C. Leleux

Folia Musica
Conductor: Julien Opic

Stage director: Cécile Leleux

Élodie: Sophie Collin

Nina: Lisa Ulgharaita
Emile: Alessio Barbi 

Louis: Giancarlo Del Vecchio


20 & 21 July - Nontron, France 

29 & 30 August - Belgium

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